HR services

Providing HR support to aid organisations and individual workers is our core expertise. We are passionate about HR in the Humanitarian field and making the most of your most valuable asset – the people, so that you can achieve your objectives and further your mission.
With qualified consultants and advisers we align ourselves by having a strict code of ethics and by providing affordable and effective HR support services.


2 levels of commitments in the recruitment process:

  • A to Z recruitment process based on the job description and requests,
  • One of the steps in the recruitment process able to validate assumptions and to clarify doubts.


A personal service dedicated to help you in finding work in the humanitarian field fitting with your requests and your skills.

Skills assessment

Gathering and understanding information about yourself is the first step in finding work that you will enjoy. Design and follow up of an action plan.
It involves understanding your personality–your interests, values, and skills–to figure out what you want to do, and a call for the dismantling of your career and achievements.

Career management

Your personal careers service adviser can help you to plan your future. He can offer you a variety of services – which ones you choose will depend on what you want to do.

HR services

HR services